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Here at Ernie’s Van & Storage, we offer more than just your standard moving services. In addition to local and long-distance moving, we offer storage solutions and even junk hauling services. Our professionals have been in the business for a long time, so no matter what you hire us for, you can trust we’ll get the job done.

If you’re interested in our junk hauling services, learn more about them below or call us for more information.

a truck full of junk
a truck full of junk

Junk Hauling in California & Nevada

What many people may not realize when they move is that with moving comes a lot of junk or donations. The chances of you keeping every single thing that you own during a move are slim to none. Instead of being left with a home or business full of junk once you’re finished packing, be one step ahead of the game with Ernie’s Van & Storage junk hauling services.

Yes, some of your belongings might go in a donation pile, but there is likely going to be a lot of, well, junk, that needs to be tossed. When this happens, hire us at Ernie’s Van & Storage to haul your junk away for you. Whether it’s old and used boxes, furniture that can’t be saved, or any other type of junk, or service is the perfect solution.

Contact Ernie's Van & Storage to Haul Away Your Junk

Whether you’re at the start or end of a move, be sure to reach out to us for our junk hauling services. Being prepared will make your move that much easier for you. Whether you’re located in Northern California or Western Nevada, our junk hauling and moving services are available to you to take the stress out of your move. Contact us today to start discussing the services you need or to request a free quote!

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