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So, you’re moving. Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, chances are you are going to need some boxes, and a good amount too. Here at Ernie’s Van & Storage, we understand the materials needed for every move, which is why we offer them at affordable prices. When you’re looking for the perfect place to purchase your moving supplies, look no further than Ernie’s Van & Storage.

Learn more about the moving supplies we offer below.

Boxes, Supplies, & Packing Materials

Here at Ernie’s Van & Storage, we offer a complete line of moving and packing materials. All of our supplies are professional-grade, so you know when you purchase from us, you’re receiving high-quality materials. We understand moving and packing needs, which is why we offer everything from sturdy boxes in various sizes to bubble wrap and packing paper to keep all your valuables safe during transit.

As a professional moving company, we also understand that a lot of the time, you may not know how much moving supplies you need or which materials will work best for your items. Luckily, moving and packing is what we do best. If you’re unsure of what you need, we offer EVS PAK’s. These are a pre-set selection of moving boxes and packing supplies based on the size of the home you’re moving. The size options range from studio apartments to multi-bedroom houses. You can trust that we have the perfect size option for your home.

In addition to packing supplies, we offer other materials and tools for rent to make your move even easier. Our rental products include walkboards, ramps, furniture pads, dollies, and piano boards. No matter what you need to make your move easier, we’ve got you covered.

Get Your Moving Supplies Today

If you have an upcoming move, be sure to get a head start on gathering all the packing materials and supplies you need. Reach out to us today to purchase an EVS Pak or to rent out any equipment you might need for your move. We’re always happy to help make your move as easy as possible on you!

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